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The sausages from Enchidos do Azinhal are born as a result of the alliance between carefully chosen meat and the original ingredients which always were used in Alentejo’s regional sausages.
The meat, namely the one from Alentejo’s Black Pig, grants the sausages a unique taste and is part of the region’s most noble tradition.
Original ingredients such as homegrown sweet pepper and the region’s white wine are used at Enchidos do Azinhal which stands for the unique taste and quality of Alentejo’s traditional sausages. We use natural intestine which, along with a Cork Oak and Holm Oak firewood smoking, grants the sausages unique and unmistakable flavor and appearance.
This family business also has the most modern production equipment along with a strict HACCP plan (Hazard analysis and critical control points) which offers the leadership in sausage production in coastal Alentejo by maximizing the resources’ effectiveness.
The products’ packaging is done in vacuum and controlled atmosphere ensuring its original characteristics and quality are preserved.
Marques & Marques Lda – Regional Salsicharia Alentejo is developing an internationalization project through the Incentive System of Qualification and Internationalization SME, co-financed by the Alentejo Regional Operational Programme – INALENTEJO. READ MORE>>


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